210g Cake Flour
50ml Pride Super Maize Meal
60g Cornflour
2ml Salt
5ml Baking Powder
75ml Butter
250ml Water (approx)


– Sift the dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl and rub in 50ml of the butter
– Add enough water to form a soft dough that is easy to toll out
– Knee in the remaining butter, knee for about 5 min till the dough is soft and elastic
– Divide the dough into 6-8 equal pieces and roll into balls
– Leave to rest for at least 30 min
– On a lightly flavoured surface, roll out each ball into a circle of about 2mm thick
– Heat a large pan, do not add any oil
– Place 1 tortilla in the pan at a time
– Heat for 1 min or till the bottom forms brown specks before turning
– Do not allow the tortilla to harden
– Fill tortilla, wrap like a parcel and serve