Shaka’s Rocks


250g Tops Popcorn
75g Tops Peanuts
75g Almond Nuts
300g White & Brown Chocolate
12 Marshmallows
1 tsp Golden Syrup
1 tsp butter


75g Coconut Sprinkle
50g Icing Sugar
100 g Chocolate Drops
75g Red Cherries


– Make Tops popcorn normally and leave on side
– Put almonds and Tops peanuts in blender and crush coarsely for a few seconds, leave it aside till needed
– Melt chocolate, syrup and butter into smooth sauce, either in a sauce pan on low heat or microwave
– Throw sauce over the Tops popcorn and mix gently until Tops popcorn is covered, then sprinkle nuts over
– Take Tops popcorn mixture and put in glad wrap separately to make balls
– Then place them in the freezer until hard in texGarnish as you please and enjoy!